Bruce Cockburn - 2006-10-28 - (Jubilee Auditorium)

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Bruce Cockburn - 2006-10-28 - (Jubilee Auditorium)

Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, AB

Bruce Cockburn - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars Julie Wolf - keys, vocals Gary Craig - drums, percussion Note: Missed the opening tune, Open. First couple tunes of set 2 have raised noise floor.

Setlist: Lovers In A Dangerous Time Who Feels Like Singing? Wondering Where The Lions Are Jerusalem Poker Life Short Call Now Beautiful Creatures The End Of All Rivers Different When It Comes To You Last Night of the World
Set 2: Wait No More Dust And Diesel This is Baghdad Tell The Universe Slow Down Fast If A Tree Falls Mystery Encore 1: Tokyo Rocket Launcher Encore 2: I Want To Show You Something.. All The Diamonds In The World To Fit In My Heart
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