Dio - 2006-07-15 - One Night In São Paulo (Credicard Hall)

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Dio - 2006-07-15 - One Night In São Paulo (Credicard Hall)

Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals Craig Goldy - Guitars Rudy Sarzo - Basses Scott Warren - Keys Simon Wright - Drums

Setlist: Children Of The Sea I Speed At Night One Night In The City Stand Up And Shout Holy Diver Gypsy Drumsolo Sunset Superman Don't Talk To Strangers Rainbow In The Dark Guitar And Keyboard Solos I All The Fools Sailed Away Man On The Silver Mountain Catch The Rainbow Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Heaven And Hell We Rock The Last In Line The Mob Rules (with Andreas Kisser)
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