Faith No More - 1993-07-17 - Phoenix Rising (Phoenix Festival)

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Faith No More - 1993-07-17 - Phoenix Rising (Phoenix Festival)

Phoenix Festival, Stratford Upon Avon, England

Original silver, "Phoenix", included filler from 01/31/90 and 04/06/90, both shows at the Hummingbird Club. See individual listings for details.

Setlist: Intro (The Final Countdown) Caffeine Be Aggressive As The Worm Turns The Crab Song Midlife Crisis RV Land Of Sunshine We Care A Lot Chinese Arithmetic A Small Victory Edge Of The World Falling To Pieces Surprise! You're Dead Woodpecker From Mars Jizzlobber
Set 2: Zombie Eaters 16 Tons / Let's Lynch The Landlord Easy Introduce Yourself Mark Bowen Epic
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