Iggy Pop - 2002-07-31 - Buona Fuckin' Sera (Arena Monte Claro)

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Iggy Pop - 2002-07-31 - Buona Fuckin' Sera (Arena Monte Claro)

Arena Monte Claro, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

The show in Cagliari came after a pause in Iggy Pop's mini-tour: a much appreciated holiday in one of the best resorts of the world, close to some of the most beautiful beaches in this planet: but don't expect Iggy and his band to be relaxed or in a slow-pace, low-tension mood. You can tell from the title that a moderate suntan and some good Sardinian meals weren't enough to soften the man's attitudes, and in fact these are 74 minutes of pure outrageous energy: having no new CD to promote, the Iguana is free to browse through his repertoire from last year's "Beat 'em Up" up to the early Stooges hits: the audience, though barely audible here (it's a SB recording, folks!!) made their part in building up a terrific show.

Setlist: Mask Espanol Beat 'em Up Drink New Blood And Destroy Howl Corruption Wild One I Wanna Be Your Dog Death Is Certain Home The Passenger I Got A Right Cold Metal Death Trip TV Eye Raw Power Sixteen No Fun
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