Rainbow - 1995-10-02 - Circus Night (The Circus)

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Rainbow - 1995-10-02 - Circus Night (The Circus)

The Circus, Stockholm, Sweden

Mark VII: Ritchie Blackmore, Dougie White, Paul Morris, Gregg Smith, Chuck Burgi, Bootlegs: Rebirth Of Legend, Circus Night, Stranger In Stockholm, Real Front, Second Night In Sweden 1995

Setlist: Over The Rainbow-> Spotlight Kid, Too late For Tears, Long Live Rock 'N' Roll-> Black Night, Hunting Humans, Wolf To The Moon, Difficult To Cure-> Keyboard Solo-> Still I'm Sad-> Drum Solo-> Man On The Silver Mountain, Temple Of The King, Black Masquerade, Ariel, Ritchie's Blues-> Since You've Been Gone, Perfect Strangers, In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Burn, Smoke On The Water-> Over The Rainbow
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