Ramones - 1978-04-25 - March Of The Pinheads (The Vogue)

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Ramones - 1978-04-25 - March Of The Pinheads (The Vogue)

The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN

"March of the Pinheads"

Setlist: Drum Intro Blitzkrieg Bop Teenage Lobotomy Rockaway Beach I Don't Want You Go Mental Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment Rock'n'Roll High School I Wanna Be Sedated I Just Want To Have Something To Do Bad Brain I'm Against It Sheena Is A Punk Rocker Havana Affair Commando Needles & Pins I'm Affected Surfin' Bird Cretin Hop All The Way California Sun I Don't Walk Around With You Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World Pinhead Do You Wanna Dance? Suzy Is A Headbanger Let's Dance Chinese Rocks Beat On The Brat We're A Happy Family
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