Iron Maiden - 2003-06-28 - Maiden Stockholm (Stockholm Stadion)

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Iron Maiden - 2003-06-28 - Maiden Stockholm (Stockholm Stadion)

Stockholm Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden

most often found in the Silver CDs "Give Me Ed...'Til I'm Dead" (Crystal Cat), which also features 6 tracks from Roskilde & Stockholm 2000 shows ("Wrathchild (Stockholm 2000)", "Blood Brothers (Stockholm 2000)", "Sanctuary (Stockholm 2000)", "Sign Of The Cross (Roskilde 2000)", "The Mercenary (Roskilde 2000)", "The Evil That Men Do (Roskilde 2000)"

Setlist: The Number Of The Beast The Trooper Die With Your Boots On Revelations Hallowed Be Thy Name 22 Acacia Avenue Wildest Dreams The Wicker Man Brave New World The Clansman The Clairvoyant Heaven Can Wait Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 2 Minutes To Midnight Run To The Hills
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