Midnight Oil - 2000-08-22 - Magnus Goes To The Show (Capital Theatre)

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Midnight Oil - 2000-08-22 - Magnus Goes To The Show (Capital Theatre)

Capital Theatre, Sydney, Australia

"Magnus Goes To The Show". FM source. Sometimes with Bonus tracks as fillers: Blot * Know Your Product * What Goes On # Redneck Wonderland # Redneck Wonderland + Concrete + Advance Australia Fair + BirdMan + Say Your Prayers ** Peter Garrett Interview ## Short Memory ## The Real Thing ++ Bonus Track Sources - * - Recovery, 22nd November 1997 # - Stompen Ground, Broome 11th July 1998 + - Recovery, 15th August 1998 ** - Good News Week, 26th February 2000 ## - The Panel, 19th July 2000 ++ - Good News Week, 22nd July 2000

Setlist: Spirit Of The Age Short Memory Warakurna Last Of The Diggers Blue Sky Mine Beds Are Burning Tell me The Truth Truganini Feeding Frenzy Say Your Prayers The Real Thing King Of The Mountain Tin Legs And Tin Mines Cemetery In My Mind No Time For Games U.S. Forces The Dead Heart Redneck Wonderland
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